Blended Spices


JK’s curry powder is different from commercial curry powder blends for a variety of reasons – it comes from a traditional family business, so the recipe’s been handed down from generation to generation over the years, resulting in an authenticity that commercial blends just cannot match.

JK Curry Powder is also meant to be mixed with water and then fried in oil, forming the start of the recipe. Instead of adding it later in the cooking process, you start building a complex curry flavour at the outset! It also contains healthy natural black salt, so all you need to do is add meat or vegetables of your choice.
Including unconventional additions like fenugreek and fennel, not originally found in standard curry powder blends, JK Curry Powder will transform your vegetable dishes from sides to mains with just a couple of teaspoons! Use it for curries, lentil stews, and dry stir-fries.
Perhaps the best way to use JK Curry Powder is in samosas – all you need is mashed potatoes and a couple of teaspoons of our curry powder, and you’re ready with a delicious filling! Whether you call it samosa, samboosek or shingara, these three-cornered pasty pockets have been providing centuries of happy snacktime to countries acrosss the belt from Iran to Myanmar, and now in kitchens across the globe!


100g | 50g