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Carom Seed


There is nothing quite like the smell of carom seeds being roasted in ghee, before being added to a dal or lentil stew. Or the aroma given off by paneer tikka roasting on the flame, the marinade laced with carom to give it a smoky, pungent taste.

There are as many uses for carom in Indian and south Asian cuisines as there are dishes, but it is also considered essential for the body to detox – it has antacid and digestive properties, and can reduce indigestion and flatulence if boiled and drunk as a tea.

It needs to be roasted or fried rather than used raw, since it needs to release its oils to develop its signature classic aroma. Use JK Masale’s superior quality carom to add a unique spice to your cabinet, herby, pungent, and with loads of character.


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