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Aloo Dum or Alu Dum is a spiced potato dish from the Indian subcontinent, most commonly eaten with flatbread like roti or puri for breakfast. The potatoes are first fried or boiled, and then slowly simmered in a spiced gravy. Different variations exist across the subcontinent, including the addition of yogurt, tomato paste or cashew cream to thicken the sauce. It is especially delicious with baby potatoes!

JK Aloo Dum Masala is a pre-made spice mix will help you create lip-smacking aloo dum in absolutely no time! Ideal for frugal cooks on a budget, or those committed to a Vegan or vegetarian diet, this seasoning mix will help you create a flavourful, nutritious and filling batch of aloo dum that will impress everyone you serve it to. Create a potato feast with JK Aloo Dum Masala today!


100g | 50g